Zo Skin Health Aggressive Anti Ageing Program Kit is an aggressive skincare program. Additionally, this program specifically targets deeper lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and thinning skin, addressing these concerns effectively.

Aggressive Anti Ageing Program Kit Product Regimen:

Hydrating Cleanser - 60 mL / 2 Fl. Oz. (Travel Size)

Cleanses away impurities while minimizing dryness and irritation.

Exfoliating Polish - 16.2 g / 0.57 Oz. (Travel Size)

Gently removes dead skin cells. Therefore instantly revealing smoother, softer + glowing skin.

Complexion Renewal Pads - 30 Pads (Travel Size)

Removes excess surface oil and pore-clogging debris.

Daily Power Defense - 30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz. (Travel Size)

Has been elevated with ZO’s exclusive technologies – including new ZPOLY™ complex. Therefore it enables a long-lasting, youthful and healthy skin complexion. Additionally, this advanced serum is clinically proven to strengthen skin’s protective barrier while defending against environmental stressors and premature signs of ageing.

Radical Night Repair - 30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz. (Travel Size)

Formulated with 1% retinol to help improve the appearance of skin texture. It also helps with uneven pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.

Renewal Crème - 50 mL / 1.7 Fl. Oz. (Full Size)

A lightweight, fast-absorbing hydrator for mild dryness + redness. It is also clinically proven to revitalize the appearance of stressed skin

Zo Skin Health Aggressive Anti Ageing Program Kit Benefits

  • Firstly, it helps reduce the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles
  • Secondly, it promotes a more even-looking skin tone
  • Finally, it aids in strengthening the skin by keeping hydration at the proper level