Obagi:Obagi Soothing Bundle


This skincare bundle is the perfect solution for anyone looking to cleanse, tone, and refresh their skin. This bundle includes two powerful Obagi skincare products that work together to gently cleanse and hydrate the skin, leaving it looking and feeling refreshed.

Together the Obagi Gentle Cleanser and Obagi Toner skincare bundle is the perfect solution if you're dealing with dry, sensitive skin or you're looking to maintain a healthy, balanced complexion.


Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser is a mild facial cleanser that gently removes impurities, oil, and makeup to leave skin clean and fresh. Suitable for normal to dry skin types.


  • Soothes and repairs the skin to prevent dryness
  • Reduces inflammation and cools the skin
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive 

Obagi Nu-Derm Toner is an alcohol-free, non-drying toner that helps adjust the pH of your skin.

Key Benefits

  • Unlike most toners, the Obagi formulation does not dry the skin.
  • It restores the skin’s natural pH
  • It is also designed to tighten the skin, reduce pores, and prepare it for the deeper penetration of correction and stimulation products.
  • It contains natural extracts of witch hazel and sage which act to tone and purify your skin