Environ:Derma-Lac Lotion


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Derma-Lac is a lightly fragranced lotion that helps to soften the texture of rough areas on your skin, such as elbows and heels, whilst also helping to boost the effects of skins moisture levels. It helps re-energise dull, tired-looking skin, and assists in gently exfoliating the skin and in improving the appearance of skin tone and texture, leaving it looking healthy and beautiful.


  • Intense smoothing, toning, tightening and firming effect.
  • Counteracts free radical damage and protect the integrity of the skin.
  • Promotes healthy-looking and resilient skin.
  • Boosts and improves the appearance of hydration

Directions for Use

  1. Gently massage into the skin mornings and evenings.
  2. For best results, use Environs® Body EssentiA® Derma-Lac® Lotion and A, C, E Oil after applying Body Contouring Cream.
Key Ingredients

Lactic Acid pH 4.4