Why Obagi Medical Tretinoin Is The Perfect Cream For Your Acne Scarring

Can't find the right remedy for acne scarring? Here's one word for all your worries: Tretinoin! Of all Obagi medical products, this derivative is one of the best forms of Vitamin A that works towards minimising acne scars on your face. Let's see why Tretinoin is the perfect solution for your anti-acne problems!  

How Are Acne Marks Caused?

Learning about the problem first will take you to a grassroots level and help you solve it faster. Acne marks are caused when the pimples break and produce a liquid that blocks your skin pores. Sometimes, this breakdown liquid reaches below the skin surface and enters into walls of other tissues which causes the upper skin levels to appear darker in colour.

Hence, to fight this scarring one requires a solution that reaches deep into the skin levels and rejuvenates it from within and to fulfil that need, we have Tretinoin from Obagi Medical, a prescription-only retinoid. 

Why Tretinoin?

Here's why Tretinoin is one of the best post-inflammatory pigmentation treatment on the market!

1.   Boosts cell regeneration

Just like any other retinoid, Tretinoin also promotes cell growth and encourages cell regeneration in your skin. It replaces dead skin cells with new ones which result in healthier, brighter and glowing skin. When applied on the site of scarring, this cell regenerating benefit of Tretinoin can repair the damage on the required spot.

2.   Regulates sebum production

Obagi Tretinoin exfoliates dead skin cells from under the oil-filled hair follicles, it minimises your chances of catching acne through sebum or oil accumulation on the skin. It also regulates the levels of sebum production which helps to keep acne at bay in the first place. 

3.   Quick absorption

Owing to its quick absorb formula, it reaches into the skin levels quickly and doesn't last long on the skin surface. This makes sure that your skin surface is not irritated due to overexposure to the product and also doesn't make your face look oily after application!

4.   Reduces open pores

Obagi Tretinoin clears off any pollutants stuck in the skin pores while cleansing dead skin cells. This helps in pore minimisation and skin cleansing.

Other Benefits

Apart from usage as an anti-acne cream, Obagi Tretinoin has a lot of other benefits. Only because it exfoliates dead skin cells and encourages production of renewed cells in the skin, it can fight multiple skin problems including signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and even severe skin issues like cystic acne.

Final Words  

Obagi medical products always bring specially curated products to your service. This Obagi scar treatment is medically tested and vouched for by thousands of users. What are you waiting for? Obagi Tretinoin comes in three different strengths, 0.025%, 0.05% and 0.1%. Book a virtual skincare consultation with our aesthetic practiitoner, Kuljeet, to see which one would suit you best. Choose Obagi Tretinoin for your scars today and bring a revolution in your skincare regime!

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