Dr. Levy:The SpringReset Treatment


Dr Levy The SpringReset Treatment Kit - discover the brand's best-sellers and treat yourself to radiant skin for spring. Thanks to this selection of Dr.LEVY products with the "SpringReset treatment" box.

It contains the 3Deep Cleanser, our multi-acid cleanser that works in three simultaneous ways to deeply cleanse, renew and plump the skin. We have added our “wrinkle eraser”, the R3 Cell Matrix Mask, which works visibly, in just 20 minutes. Use it three times a week - or whenever you need a boost. The little extra? Use it all around the eyes and eyelids, the treatment is ophthalmologically tested.

This limited-edition set also contains the best-sellers of the Intense Stem Cell range - the Booster Serum and the Eye Booster Concentrate. Dubbed as "the greatest innovation since botox" by UK Tatler - whose formulas contain Dr. Levy's patented complex. The world's first proven to stimulate deeper dermal stem cells, the ultimate source of all skin's collagen.

As the last step in your daily routine, you'll enjoy the brand's latest innovation: the Pollution Shield 5PF. It is the first full-spectrum anti-pollution shield. Its invisible, silky veil is clinically proven to provide up to 86% protection against the 5 main pollutions: urban and industrial carbon dust, volatile chemicals, atmospheric gases, as well as light-induced infrared and blue light.

Dr Levy The SpringReset Treatment includes:

  • 3DEEPTM Cleanser >>> FastMaskTM (Full size 150 ml)
  • R3 Cell Matrix Mask (Full size 50 ml)
  • Booster Serum (Full size 30 ml)
  • Eye Booster Concentrate (Large travel size 7ml)
  • -New- Pollution Shield 5PF (30 ml)
How to use the The SpringReset Treatment Kit:
  • First cleanse the skin with the 3Deep Cleanser; use on wet skin if you have sensitive skin, or on dry skin for a more intensive cleanse.
  • Thrice weekly, apply the R3 Cell Matrix Mask on face and eye contour (including the eyelids); leave on for 20 minutes before removing with lukewarm water.
  • Apply the Booster Serum on the face, neck and décolleté; simultaneously apply a pearl the size of half a grain of rice of Eye Booster Concentrate all around the eyes (including the eyelids).
  • At the end of your skincare and before any makeup, apply one pressure of the proprietary Pollution Shield 5PF.